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J is for Jeays, Jurassic Park, & Johnny ***ing Marr

Alphabest of 2015.

Philip Jeays’ new album.

and performance at Day of the Dead:


Superbolt’s hilarious low-fi retelling of Jurassic Park at the Pleaseance, Edinburgh Fringe, via the medium of Lyme Regis community centre family drama, with umbrella and shouting to represent the velociraptor moment.

Johnny Marr, at Bournemouth

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H is for Hepworth

My alphabest of 2015.

Barbara Hepworth Exhibition at Tate Britain.

Visceral, uplifting, absorbing.

Thanks to partners in art, Chris Myles Kennedy and John Sutton, with whom I revisited the excellent walk-u-drama The Darks.

The Darks: Ruth Ewan and Astrid Johnston Tate Britain: Exhibition Ongoing – they

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G is for Golem & Godot

My Alphabest of 2015

I rely on friends to summon me to town for the finest theatre.

Golem by 1927 Theatre Company employs a full range of theatrical ammunition to bombard us with colour, light and meaning; but it does it all with fun, and a twinkling mischief.

Taking the myth of the Golem as starting point, we are

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G is for Geffrye

My Alphabest of 2015

Dimity, horsehair, camlet and damask.

The Geffrye Museum, in East London, is a way into the past, that illuminates the present.

We are all nosy about other people’s houses, but it’s not often we can be nosy about houses from the past. The stroll through rooms from bygone centuries, and decades, brings a

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What if there isn’t a toilet? F is for Felicity Ward

My Alphabest of 2015

F is for Felicity Ward: What if there isn’t a toilet?

To deliver the funniest show I saw in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe this summer, Felicity Ward bounced back from the type of mental ill health so often suffered by performers, but familiar to many more.

With a torrent of gags as fluent as

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F is for Fugitive Orchestra

My Alphabest of 2016

It’s a casual Saturday afternoon. You stroll into Southsea Coffee Company, to the dulcet voice of @pompeylaureate Sam Cox, and then the music begins.

“James Tattington started performing as Fugitive Orchestra after reading a passage in a J. G. Ballard novel. Fugitive Orchestra

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E is for Esopus & the Benchmark Roadtrip

My Alphabest of 2015

Who & What

George Cochrane, my artist friend, was commissioned to write a 16-page graphic piece for the eclectic and searching Esopus magazine.


George & I met in 1988 at the Taft School, CT, USA. We hit it off, and the story of our meeting is one part in his polyphonic storytelling. I

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D is for Day of the Dead

The third Day of the Dead from the Portsmouth Writers’ Hub showed our group of scribblers growing in number and in confidence. James Waterfield’s Lawn of the Dead skulls added artistic brio. The crowd were full of fun, and some elegantly costumed. A great night. Roll on the next.

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B is for Brana Knihy, C is for Czech

My Alphabest of 2015

B is for Brana Knihy, C is for Czech

Lawless a ďábel z Euston Square was published by Brana Knihy in the Czech Republic in July. I was delighted to receive the imposing hardback, translated by Stanislav Pavliček. Most impressed too to see how he dealt with the London slang in the

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Caught in the Web

My Alphabest of 2015

C is for Caught in the Web, by Christine Lawrence

Caught in the Web is an engaging read. It tells the story of Karen as she begins work at Highclere, a hospital for the mentally ill, just part of her search for something more than her humdrum life is offering. She’s vulnerable

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