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Lawless Returns

Titan Books will reissue Lawless and the Devil of Euston Square in October 2015, with US paperback to follow in Feb 2016. I’m thrilled to be working with the mighty Titan, and next Tuesday, 14 July, I’ll announce even more exciting news about the next Lawless books.

This is the same book (with the map revised and

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DAY of the DEAD III: Double Call for Submissions

Double-Pronged Call for Submissions     

DAY of the DEAD III Short stories for performance,
Wed 28 Oct, Square Tower, Old Portsmouth.

Day of the Dead III follows full house shows in 2013/2014, featuring twenty-odd writers performing original stories, with a sprinkling of music and poetry. We are looking for:

1000 words (or less) for

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Wednesday Word, Scots edition: Besom

besom n. term of contempt for a person, especially a woman

With thanks to the excellent zine The Bottle Imp and etymologist Maggie Scott. for pointing up how a word can change from meaning ‘broom’ to ‘woman’. A neat nod to Older Scots bysyn ‘monster’ and Old Norse bysn ‘portent’.

And the typical irony that a word for ‘a woman of loose character’

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The Wednesday Word: writer

with thanks to Caffeine Magazine

Cycle Art

In the Frame @AspexPortsmouth

June 12- July 26. A series of exhibitions/events celebrating the unusual arts of the bicycle.


Having studied up bicycles old and ancient for my book Maestro of the Assassins, I was glad to stumble on this exhibit at our excellent gallery space, Aspex Gallery. The showcase of

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Mr Jeays is back

@PhilipJeays has a new album.

If one day you see him there
All misty eyes and greying hair
If your children stop and stare
To see him in that state
When he can no longer speak his name
Nor ever sing a song again
Nor take the credit or the blame

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The Wednesday Word: Indo-European

I love representations of language families, but this is the most wonderful language tree I have seen. Click through for the full image and more by remarkable artist Minna Sundberg.

Pupils often ask me: is Latin the original language, is everything derived from Latin, does all of English originate in Latin? No, no, and no, but the

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Morbidity & the Crime Writers, Kate Colquhoun on Sensation

“Do the responsibilities of the novelist, historian, screen-writer or dramatist, then, differ?” asks Kate Colquhoun, author and historian, in this searching piece Morbid, Hideous, Delicious on our thirst for Sensation in fiction and documentary. “Surely they must…” she concludes at

“What is it about the human condition that delights in inviting fear by engaging with brutal stories wrapped

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Under the Spotlight (Coastguard)

“50 local artists. A buzz in Coastguard Studios. A snapshot of thriving homegrown art.”

I was excited to see two recent exhibitions by local artists just around the corner from me. I had the sense, from work in local shops and craft fairs, that there is a strong artistic ethic here, excellent design, diverse artists at work. But I had

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Lorraine Bowen’s VITAL ORGANS


My interview with lovely Lorraine Bowen for Speak Up Brazil in 2005. Good luck, #LoBo @Bowen707

LORRAINE BOWEN’S VITAL ORGANS                        Alternative Music

Few songwriters create their own world as evocatively as Lorraine Bowen. Her songs are soaked in the comforting atmosphere of suburban England. Her versatile vocals have appeared on records from Italy to

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