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Highway to Devil Revisited

Book (re)Launch

@TitanBooks are republishing my first novel Lawless & the Devil of Euston Square. Pop into Blackwell’s in Portsmouth, however briefly, any time between 5 – 6.30 Thursday 26 Nov, prior to the Portsmouth Writers Hub agents evening at Café Parisien.

I shall celebrate with songs,

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Lawless’ Devilish Inspirations (modern novels)

In the run-up to republication of Lawless and the #DevilofEustonSquare, a look at the books that made my head buzz while writing.

Modern Novels

Paul Auster’s Leviathan
By making Ben Sachs so elusive, Auster builds him into a magnificent mystery man. The narrator admires and envies him; the reader feels conflicted. They say terrorism is never justified;

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Delivering Your Daily Dread

Web 2015-10-28 20.05.12 - Copy

Justin MacCormack inspires sleepless art from the audience.

Day of the Dead

A full house, again. Cabaret tables at front, last-comers squeezing in back rows. It’s exciting that this vivacious audience is seeking out our unusual performance: live literature, local talent, inimitable venue, not part of any festival. More

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Skull-diggety-doo, it’s Day of the Dead’s Line-Up

Web Door Witches

Wed 28 Oct 2015. Square Tower, Broad Street, PO1 2JE. Tickets on the door or online (no need to pick up in advance).
We’ve a great line-up of writers & musicians: tales from insomnia to Armageddon, scalped heads & spooky fish. See you there.

6pm Doors. Refreshments. Books from Blackwell’s @booksellerjo.

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Devils’ Daughters and Colonial Travels

My literary evening began at Blackwell’s with Diana Bretherick‘s launch of The Devil’s Daughters, sequel to her crime debut City of Devils. Fascinating clash between the affable tone of Diana’s entertaining Q & A and the deadly undertones of her writing, as evidenced in the atmospheric first chapter.

I am looking forward to

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My Dog Sighs’ Skull (not actually his own skull, though)

Special announcement from our partners in deathliness, Lawn of the Dead: a skull customised by the renowned international artist @MyDogSighs. He finished his skull with a rust effect and a single one of his trademark eyes.

To have a chance of winning this beautiful skull, buy a raffle ticket at our Day of

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Skull-paintery on the Radio

Katie Martin of Radio Solent is fab. It’s one thing to be at ease in a radio studio, whirling between mic, headphones, consoles and casual chat; it’s quite another to put people so quickly at their ease.

Katie and studio manager, Kane Reeves, had cooked up a scheme to paint the skull brought in by James Waterfield as

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Skein and Bone

Skein and Bone Book Launch

Those of us who attended VH Leslie‘s book launch in Blackwell’s Bookshop last Friday 16th October, celebrating the release of debut short stories Skein and Bone, will be looking forward to her slot in Day of the Dead at the Square Tower. VH Leslie is a

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The End of the Book as We Know It? (ereading, 2008)

On Radio 4’s Word of Mouth, Michael Rosen & Dr Laura Wright discussed with linguist Naomi Baron the differences between reading print books (p-books) and eBooks. The panellists are biased, conflate moral issues with practical, and kid themselves about the glorious absorptive linear past of reading. Intriguing, though.

This was my take on the ebook back in

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Enchantress of Numbers

Enchantress of Numbers: Ada Lovelace

A chance email from across the world brought Ada Lovelace to my attention just in time to catch a flurry of BBC programmes about her.

I mentioned Charles Babbage and his Difference Engine in Lawless and the Devil of Euston Square. But if I had known how deeply Ada extended Babbage’s dreams,

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